India Welcomes u

As a US based educational consulting firm, we are involved in developing closer ties between America and India.

For the last several decades, the United States has been and continue to be preferred destination for hundreds of thousands of students from India. Many of those who came and earned their advanced degrees stayed on to do research, work and finally made America their home. However a good number of others returned home and became active in academics, government industry and other feildsand have provided leadership roles in building the New India. Altogether, the economic and educational ties between the two countries are strong and growing. We hope to foster it further.India Welcomes u

Till now, the number of American students going to India for study or research are rather insignificant. We would like to see the education related relationship a two way street and involve more American participation in India. Our effort is focused upon encouraging American students to go to India for studies and become more familiar with the people, culture and become active participants in the increasingly globalized economy of India. The opportunities are many and young Americans should utilize them.

In short, this is a bridge-building project, centered around our attempt to develop an active social network under www.indiawelcomesu.comwhich again is inter- linked with a number of sites promoting various aspects of New India. This site on education is part of such a broader effort.

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