We offer our services in the following areas:

  • Assist in developing suitable study abroad packages
  • Help to design and implement customized study programs in selected academic subjects such as: Information Technology, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Cultural Studies including dance,music, and others
  • Arrange internships and work-study placements abroad
  • Find Faculty exchange and collaborative research opportunities
  • Identify and support inter-collage or school partnerships
  • Explore new and creative ways to promote graduate and professional studies and assist in securing admissions;and
  • Promote outsourcing of I.T based technical training to upgrade and improve technical skills of corporate employees to enable higher job mobility.

India Welcomes u

We work with educational institutions in the US and in India. Through our professional and personal contacts, we can identify opportunities for program development, assist in the planning and negotiations as well as implementation of mutually agreed projects or programs without the usual time consuming delays and and other problems often experienced in working with overseas people and institutions. Since we have extensive contacts and intimate familiarity with the social, cultural and the political environments in both countries, we will be able to provide valuable assistance to our clients. We know how things work and who the decision makers are and that is our strength.

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